INSPIRE! (for kids)

The Queensland Wind Orchestra is proud to be a performing partner with Inspire! - a highly interactive and educative music program for kids.

Inspire! is the brainchild of Geoff & Sherryl-Lee Secomb - two passionate advocates of using community based music to enable musical education for children.

About Inspire!

The Inspire! project provides your child with the experiences they need to inspire them to get stuck into their music. Attending a great orchestral concert shows them what their instrument can really sound like and gets them through just a few more months of practice and lessons. It also shows them that if they work hard enough, there is opportunity to continue playing in one of these orchestras once they finish high school.

What will Inspire! do?

Your child will meet and talk to "real" musicians, many of whom began just like your child - in a school instrumental music program. Your child will know their musical aspirations are taken seriously by top class musicians who can talk to them about what it's like to play in a big orchestra. There is even the opportunity for your child to sit on the stage amongst the orchestra and watch a rehearsal from the musicians point of view. And, participating in the Inspire! program is absolutely free!